Boston ad agency Hill Holliday asked five families to replace their cable connection with one of the current crop of networked TV devices: Roku, Boxee Box, Google TV, Apple TV and XBOX 360

The results show what many of us already knew: due to a mix of challenges ranging from intellectual property territorialism (e.g. Warner Bros and Netflix and other similar power plays) and the fact that, in most cases, the very cable companies you’re escaping are still providing the broadband pipe into your house, we’ve got a ways to go for truly “connected TV”.

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    Geez. I’ve been without cable for almost a year and am truly fine (I only really miss TCM). I find myself going out more...
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    “We’re so passive [as] TV viewers, we really want someone else to decide for us. We can’t be making all of these...
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    My Master’s thesis in web show community basically had the same results… Everyone was so so so ready and raring for tv...
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    It’s disturbing how quickly these people demanded to be pacified. I understand the desire to zone out, but I’m concerned...
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    I’m cable-free thanks to Hulu, Netflix, and my internet provider. My family was impressed with Netflix on the wii when I...
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    Not terribly surprised. Still going with the Clear solution here in Seattle.
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